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Ask Astrology

Ask Your Astro Query !  Ask Your Future !  Ask Your Fortune !


You can ask Astrology Questions close to your mind or anything too personal that you would not like to speak to anybody or discuss with anybody. We are sure our learned Professional Astrologer will have just the advise you might have been looking for !

A few of the Online Astrology Questions we have come across in the recent past have been :

Career Astro:

Career Astrology -  Career Horoscope

What will be my career ?
Can you tell me my Career using astro career principles?
What type of education should I take?
Is  it beneficial to move  from my country for career? 

All the astrology query will be answered by our Career Astrologers !

Job Astro:

Job Astrology 

When will I get a job astrology ? 
When can I change my profession ?
Will I be able to make an impression in my job?
When will I get some Job?
Can I expect a transfer, when?
Any study in Oversease?
Will I get Scholorship?
Can I become a Politician?
When will I be promoted?
Seniority in service: Will I have Justice?
Will there be any change in occupation to a new one?
If so will the change bring good to me?
Any foreign assignment to me?
Will I have a satisfactory spiritual life?
Any re-appointment for me?
Is there any Imprisonment for Me?
Will I be prosecuted by Income Tax Department?
Will there be any raid in my house?
Will I go Oversease for probation or Promotion?
I am not able to find a job for the last one year. When will I get a job?

All the astrology answers will be prepared by our Job Astrologer !

Business Astrology - Profession Astrology

When can I start a new business?
How will be my existing partner?
Should I purchase an apartment with my investments?

All the astrology answers will be prepared by our Business Astrologers !

Money Astrology -  Finance Astrology - Financial Astrology

When will I have money?
When I will be free from Financial worry?
Luck in gambling?
Source of Income?
Will I get money from F-I-L?
Where will I invest?  
Will I get a Rise in salary?
Will I get a loan?
Will I be able to clear off loans?
Is there any recovery from this financial loss? 
Can I invest in stock market?

All the astrology answers will be prepared by our Financial Astrologer !

Child Astrology

I have conceived many times but I had abortions. Will I conceive again?

We have been married for 8 years and do not have any children. When will we have our child?

We are married for the last 10 years. We don’t have any children. Medically none of us have any problem. We need  to have our own child. Do you think we have any chance? 

Professional Astrology Reading of your Birth Horoscope by our Expert Professional Astrologer.

Find Astrology ?  Find Your Astrology Advice ?

All you required to do is Send to your Astrology Query to us and any number between 1 to 249 and your Date of Birth,Time of Birth , Place of Birth and Near by City and we will provide you Astrology Answers prepared by our Best Astrologer to your specified Astrology Query.

Astrology Malayalam ! Kerala Astrologers ! Kerala Astrology ! Kerala Astrology in Malayalam !
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You can now request to Ask Astrology for a fee of US $ 28.95. [INR 1,499.00]

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